2015 National Agrochemical Exchange Meeting October 27-29, Shanghai China

2015 National Agrochemical Exchange Meeting
October 27-29, Shanghai China
Time:16:00-18:00,2015-10-26 Sheraton Shanghai Hotel
The 7th Meeting of the 9th Session Standing Executive Council
Time:09:00-17:00,2015-10-27 Sheraton Shanghai Hotel
2015 Conference of Theme-Sponsored by Yangnong
Time:09:00-17:30,2015-10-28 Sheraton Shanghai Hotel
2015 International Forum on Crop Protection
2015 China International Forum on Procurement and Service of Pesticides -Sponsored by Renxin
2015 China Agrochemical Industry Summit-Sponsored by Fuhua Tongda- Shanghai World Expo
2015 China Agrochemical New Product and Technology Conference- Shanghai World Expo
Time:14:00-17:30, 2015-10-29 Sheraton Shanghai Hotel
CCPIA-PMFAI Agrochemical Entrepreneurs Technical Forum(Sino-India)

2015 Conference of Theme-Sponsored by Yangnong
Topic :
1 Current Situation and Prospect of China’ Petrochemical Industry- Li Shousheng Vice Chairman of CPCIA
2 Pesticide Registration Management in New Situation- Sui Pengfei Director of ICAMA
3 Impact of New Technology on Pestcide Products R&D- Xi Zhen Deputy Dean of Department of Chemistry, Nankai University
4 Impact of Alteration of Agricultural Development Pattern on Agrochemical Industry- Gao Xiangzhao Chief Expert of NATESC
5 Strategy of “the 13th Five Year planning” in China Agrichemical Industry- Cao Chengyu Assistant Secretary General of CCPIA
6 Innovation and promotion of “Made in Yannong”- Zhou Jingmei Vice President of Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co.,Ltd.

2015 International Conference on Crop Protection
1 New Thought of Pesticide Discovery- Liu Changling Chief Engineer of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry
2 Environment Risk Analysis of Sub-new Pesticide Compound- Jiang Hui Director of ICAMA Environment Review Dep.
3 Review on Innovation Achievement of Pesticide During “the 12th Five Year”Period- Huang Wenyao Director of Technical Cooperation Dep.of Central Research Institute of China Chemical Science And Technology
4 Risk Management and Control of Pesticide New Product- Martin Clark Former Directory of Global Quality and HSE of Dow AgroSciences
5 Evaluation of New Pesticide Products on Field Experiments- Yang Jun Director of ICAMA Efficacy Review Dep.
6 Research on Pest Resistance in China- Gao Xiwu Professor of Entomology Department, China Agricultural University
7 Optimization and Promotion of Facility in Pesticide Factory- Lu Hanjun Senior Engineer of CPPIA Technology Center for Pesticide Engineering
8 Innovation of Application Tecnology under the Situation of Pesticide Reduction- Yuan Huizhu Researcher of Insitute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
9 Current Situation and Control on Vegetable Diseases in China Li Baoju Researcher of Institute of Vegetable and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

2015 China International Forum on Procurement and Service of Pesticides-Sponsored by Trustchem
1 Procurement of WHO in Global Markets- Sophie Logez Director of WHO Gobal Fund
2 Market Analysis on Pesticide Product with over 100 million sales During the latest three years- Mattew Phillips Consultant of Phillips McDongall
3 The Change of Global Pesticide Regulations and Mission of Agrocare- Jurgen Wenzel President of Agrocare
4 Procurement of Syngenta in China- Tom Gray Director, Worldwide Procurement of Syngenta
5 Experiences Sharing about Market development in South America- Zhang Aijuan Vice President of Nanjing Red Sun Co.,Ltd.
6 Strategy of Outsourcing Production in Dow AgroSciences Asia-Pacific- Wang Chen Director of Outsourcing Production in Dow AgroSciences Asia-Pacific
7 Development Trend of Sino-Vietnam Pesticide Trade and Production of Vietnam Agrochemical Industry- TRAN QUANG HUNG Chairman of Vietnam Pesticide Association
8 The current and prospect of Non-crop Agrichemica-l Zhang Yibing Shanghai Pesticide Research Institute

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