6th AgroChemEx —Egypt

6th AgroChemEx —Egypt


Date: May 30-31, 2014

Venue: Cairo, Egypt

—–Strengthen Agrochemical Exchanges among Different Organizations and Expand Africa Market

Before exploiting a new agrochemical market, it is particular important for exchanges among industry organizations. Due to the special requirements of agrochemical products on exporting as well as differences for crop distribution, insect and grass control,registration requirements and risk evaluation among different countries and regions, it needs professional industry organizations to communicate from information to commerce comprehensively. In order to promote influences of China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) in Africa, International Trade Committee of China Crop Protection Industry Association will hold 6th ACE—Egypt on later March, 2015 in Cairo, Egypt under the invitation of Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation and Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC).


Although Africa locates in tropical belt, it has superior geographical conditions to develop agriculture. However, it is the lowest grain yield region in the world. Sino-Africa agriculture cooperation is a key and long-term project for China to assistant Africa. Africa basic industry is quite weak, hardly self –producing TC. Its formulation and packaging materials do not match comparatively. Exports still remain in terminal retail packaging level. In recent years, China agrochemical products exported to Africa region is constantly growing. It reaches to $76.7 million in 2013.

Demand for China agrochemical products still remains in the rising trend in Egypt. According to statistics of Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC), in year 2013, Egypt market consumed 8677.05 tons of pesticides, of which imports accounted for 75%. Based on theranking of import volume, it is India, China, Germany and Japan successively. It accounted for 71.55% importing from these 4 countries in 2013, when Egypt imported agrochemicals from China for 1294.66 tons, accounting for 19.5%. China agrochemicals are very popular in Egypt, which are increased year by year, growing near 200% in recent 5 years. Currently, China is the country with the largest number of pesticide products registered in Egypt, which exceeds Egypt native registered products for 83%. Up to Sep 2014, China agrochemical products that are registered in Egypt have grown to 194, growing 92% within one year.



Egypt has very special location advantages in Arab World, which influences Middle East and African countries. So, it is a crucial portal for China to trade with Africa and Middle East region. In addition, Egypt has signed multilateral or bilateral preferential trade agreements with United States, Europe, Middle East and African countries, which highlights Egypt advantages in joint trading.


‘’6th ACE—Egypt’’ will organize exhibitors form China, India, Egypt, Turkey and Middle East, cooperating with Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC) to jointly invite attendees from Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East estimated more than 600.


Under supports of Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation and Agricultural Pesticide Committee (APC), ‘’Africa Crop Protection Forum’’ will invite officials from agriculture ministry and customs, agrochemical dealers and experts to give speeches about pesticides registration policies, market demand, crop distribution and pesticides application in order to promote Sino-Egypt cooperation in agrochemical industry.

This activity is the first professional trade show holding by Sino-China agrochemical industries. Participants are all engaged in agrochemical movements. The show provides a convenient way for China companies to understand agrochemical import situation in Egypt and its surrounding countries and meet with agrochemical registration officials.


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