3th ACE-Turkey

3th ACE-Turkey Review


Organized by China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) and China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC), 3th ACE-Turkey was successfully held in Istanbul, Turkey in June 25-26, 2014, which had totally 60 Agrochemical exhibitors from China, India, Turkey and Ukraine and attracted more than 400 professional visitors form Turkey, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

The activity got support from China Consulate in Turkey, Turkey Agriculture Ministry and Crop Protection Associations form Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia etc, which became a show with industry characteristics and international standards.

At the first day of the show, officials from China Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey Agriculture Ministry, Association of Pesticide Manufactures, Importers & Agents, and Ukrainian Association of Fumigation and Plant Protection, etc were attending the opening ceremony.


At the same time of the show, we also held East Europe Crop Protection Summit Forum for sharing hot topics related to pesticide registration, market expanding and agriculture investment, etc in Turkey, Middle East and East Europe. The forum attracted more than 100 attendees from China, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Japan and Indonesia etc, which forcefully promote exchange and cooperation between China and Turkey in Agrochemical field. During the forum, CCPIA has signed strategic cooperation Agreement with Association of Pesticide Manufactures, Importers & Agents (TISIT), which will provide strong support for both Agrochemical companies in long-term trading.

During the event, CCPIA organized Exhibitors to the local farm and paid a visit to Turkey Agriculture Research Institute that is affiliated to Turkey Agriculture Ministry to exchange information related to local pesticide application and new technology usage.

ACE-turkey strongly facilitated cooperation and bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Turkey in agriculture field. It serves as a professional platform for suppliers of crop protection products, fertilizer and pesticide production equipment. Through this event, China exhibitors could understand local market more comprehensively and deeply.


Turkey Agriculture Situation           

As one of most important agricultural producers in the world, Turkey has complete infrastructure in agricultural production, high-quality competitive labor force and advantageous geographical position and climate conditions, which makes Turkey to be a food and agriculture center in European, Middle East and Africa region. Turkey has arable land area for 395 thousand square kilometers (40% of Turkey’s land area). Agriculture accounts for 7.8% of GDP. Agriculture related employee accounts for 24% of total employee .Agricultural export is more than $12 billion, of which 633 agricultural products have been sold to 189 countries. In terms of agricultural development, Turkey promotes organic farming. Farmers demand more pesticide products and prefer cost-effective products. Generic products are still the main trend.

Pesticide selection is being from old broad spectrum insecticides to safe and environmental compounds. At present, there are totally 165 companies engaged in agrochemical products producing activities in Turkey (of which 20 ~ 25 companies accounting for 90% of the market), 28 formulation plants (two multinational companies, 26 local enterprises) and 6000 distributors

Pesticide imports accounts for 43% of the total consumption, while local production accountsfor 57%.Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world. As an important hub of cooperation between east and west, Turkey market has huge potential. Young labor force structure, continued growth of the economy and export market make Turkey an absolute advantage in the global market. Turkey is expected to become one of the top ten economies in the world.

As a unique and potential market, Turkey is attracting more attention on trade and investment by enterprises. During the show, China entrepreneurs communicated with officials from Turkish Investment Promotion Bureau and China Consulate in Turkey about establishing factories in Turkey. Turkey government takes some effective measures such as providing investment to farmers, suppliers and infrastructure, which strongly improve Turkey international competitiveness. Its open investment policy also attracts more attention from international companies.

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