4th ACE-Indonesia


4th ACE-Indonesia


On 11th August 2014, 4th ACE-Indonesia is opening successfully, it will last two days of exhibiting from 11th to 12th August at Jakarta Convention Center under the organization of China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA), China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC).

The Opening Ceremony started on 11th August with the presence of distinguished guests Mr. Ir. DR. H. Suswono, MMA – Minister of Agriculture of Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia (TBA), Ms. Li Zhonghua – Secretary General of China Crop Protection Industry Association, and the other representative guests from the institute for the Control of Agrochemicals – Ministry of Agriculture of P.R. China, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Laos, Directorate of base Chemical Industry Ministry of Indonesia, etc.

After the opening ceremony, AgroIndonesia honorably got the visit of Mr. Ir. DR. H. Suswono. During his visit, foreign enterprises were pleased to have an opportunity in meeting and introducing their business to the Minister. The Minister expressed his support to the show as it is a perfect chance for the collaboration between foreign and local companies in agro based industries in Indonesia.

There are 60 companies come from Indonesia, China, India and Southeast Asia countries, displaying different categories of agriculture related products such as agro-chemicals, fertilizers, machinery, agricultural products, technologies, innovation, services, etc. Foreign suppliers and local distributors, dealers, farmers, etc. had a great chance to meet up, exchange information, and discuss of future prospects for business cooperation.

Along with the exhibiting activities, Asia Crop Protection Forum was conducted in the afternoon on 11th August. Exhibitors and visitors could join in different speeches of different topics relate to the Agrichemical industry which were presented by respective speakers. The highlights topics are “Registration and utilization of plant protection products in Indonesia” by Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture; “Transition from production to quality of plant protection products” by CCPIA International Trade Committee; “Policy and related process of foreign investment implementing and factory building in Indonesia” by Investment Monitoring & Implementation – Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM); “Imports management and registration requirement of plant protection products in Laos” by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Laos; “Present status of Indonesian chemical industry and its foreign policy” by Directorate of base Chemical Industry Ministry of Industry and Federation of Indonesian Chemical Industry, etc. which attracted the attention and notes of around one hundred of audience who are exhibitors and visitors.

Indonesia, as one of the largest economies in Asia, brings more precious business cooperation opportunities to the companies in both local and neighbor countries and worldwide. AgroIndonesia facilitates access to the market of agriculture industry in Indonesia. It should be the ideal platform for the key players in the agrochemical industry to showcase their products and services, and build their brand effectively.

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