Australian Manufacturer Seeks Dumping Duty On Imported Glyphosate

The Australian Customs Service has started an investigation into a claim that China is dumping the weed killer glyphosate on the Australian market.

Chemical company NuFarm, which sells significant quantities of the chemical in Australia, made the complaint.

NuFarm claims the formulated Chinese glyphosate is being sold below its normal value, and is causing loss to Australian industry.

But WA company 4Farmers, which imports the chemical from China, disagrees.

4Farmers’s general manager Neil Mortimore says if customs upholds the complaint, farmers may need to prepare for a price rise.

“This is a dumping duty so they’re saying glyphosate’s being dumped in Australia below the cost of production and so there’s a dumping duty that they can apply for to protect locally produced product,” he says.

“We don’t think there is glyphosate being dumped and if customs do the analysis correctly, we are confident that there won’t be any dumping duty that comes about. There’s obviously always concern there.”

Written By: Owen Grieve

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