A Letter of Condolence to the Global Crop Protection Industry to Fight Against the Pandemic from Chairman of CCPIA

Dear friends from global crop protection industry,

Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 has been affected the hearts of the whole nation. As the pandemic continues to spread globally, it has not only caused a huge impact on China’s national economy and increased uncertainties in the development of the agrochemical industry, but also had a significant impact on the global economy. The COVID-19 is disrupting global supply chains and international trade, with nearly 100 countries closing national borders in the past month. In order to control the spread of the COVID-19, countries all over the world have severely restricted the flow of people, transportation, production and consumption. While these countries are concerned about the people, they have also led to a sudden stop of a large number of economic activities, which has put greater pressure on the development of agrochemical supply chains and foreign trade exports.

Over the past two months, every Chinese is acting as a warrior, fighting against pandemic together. In this crisis, the government and normal citizens are making all efforts to overcome the difficulties. After taking a series of comprehensive, strict and scientific prevention and control measures, China has achieved great progress in the fight against the pandemic. At present, the situation of the pandemic prevention and control is improved continuously in China, and the resumption of industry production is accelerating. China’s practice and experience convey to the world hope and confidence that the pandemic can be overcome if measures are decided and actions are taken. We are always trying finding hope in the midst of the crisis. The winter will past soon and the spring will be not far behind. The glimmer of the hope can be seen now. We wish all stakeholders in pesticide industry worldwide join hand together to conquer the pandemic, reaching the comprehensive recovery of operation of the world’s pesticide industry as soon as possible.

As an important pillar industry for grain production of the world, crop protection industry and agrochemical companies play a very important role for prevention and control work of the virus pandemic. We sincerely hope that the national crop protection industry association should strengthen friendly exchanges,expand mutuallybeneficial cooperation  in a responsible way. All countries should actively engage in maintaining agrochemical production and supply chain stability to reduce losses caused by the virus pandemic. Let’s get together to light up the world crop protection industry with responsibility, promote the sustainable development of the international agrochemical industry and construct a harmonious &safe community of shared future for mankind.

Wish you good health! China Crop Protection Industry Association will get together your association with the joint efforts of both sides to overcome the difficulties, to create a new situation of rapid and healthy development for global crop protection industry.

Yours sincerely,

Sun Shubao
China Crop Protection Industry Association


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