AgroChemEx Exhibitor Manual 2016

Exhibitor Manual

I. General Schedule

AgroChemEx 2015 Profile
Space: 33500 sqm
Visitors: 19,000+ (2014)
Exhibits: products & service of technicals, formulations, intermediates, adjuvants, package, machinery, testing and logistics, etc.
Exhibitor Type:
Manufactures: Wynca, Hailir, Red Sun Group, Kesheng Group, Nantong Jiangshan, Jiangsu Tianrong Group, Jiangsu Yangnong, Jiangsu Lanfeng, etc
Overseas Companies: Meghmani Organics Limited, Bioagri Laboratories Ltd, Geolife Agritech India Pvt. Ltd., Leisor, Sulphur Mills Limited, Vimal Crop Care Pvt. Ltd, Modern Insecticides Ltd, Indofil Industries Limited, Sunrising Industry Co.,Ltd., Ezzy International, Bharat Rasayan Limited,COROMANDEL – SABERO, Asim Agro Products, Atul Limited.,AgriLife, Crystal Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd.,Croplife China,Jai Research Foundation,Sion Corportaion,GSP Crop Care, Meghmani, Agrow,Agropages,Bharat Rassyan LimitedI, Indofil Industrie. Ltd, INDIA, Bharat rasayan Lmited, Jai Research Foundation, Biotecnologies B.T. S.r.L., Modern Insecticides Ltd, Nousbo CO., Ltd., Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH
Machinery Companies: Miyou Group, JintanJinwang, Changzhou Tom, etc.
Trade Companies: Iprochem, Tide,Trustchem, etc


◆Exhibitor Registration:
Time: 08:00-17:00,16-18, October 2016.
Location: The central hall of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

◆Stall Construction:

Space Only Exhibitors
08:00-17:00, Monday 26 and Tuesday 27, October 2015

Shell Scheme Exhibitors
08:00-17:00, Tuesday 27, October 2015

◆ Opening Ceremony
09:00-09:30, Wednesday 28, October 2015

◆ Show Open
09:00—16:30, from Wednesday 28, October to Friday 30, October 2015

◆ Stall Withdrawal:
15:00—19:00, Friday 30, October 2015

AgroChemEx 2015 Conferences:
◆Conference Registration:
Time: 14:00-21:00 Tuesday, 29, October 2015
Location: The central hall of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

◆Conference Schedules:
Time Symposium
Tuesday 28 October 2015
09:00-17:00 14th National Agrochemical Exchange Meeting (Chinese)
Awards ceremony in 2014 China agrochemical industry (Chinese)

Wednesday 29
October 201409:00-17:00 9th International Forum on Crop Protection ( Chinese-English )
9th China International Forum on Procurement and Service of pesticides
Thursday 30
October 2015
09:00-12:00 2015Agrochemical Entrepreneurs Summit (Chinese)
New products promotion session(Chinese)

II. Exhibitor Notice

All exhibitors need to wear badges issued by the Organizing Committee. Please fill out the form below and send the following contact no later than September 5, 2014. All the exhibition materials shall be dispatched when you get the badges on the exhibitor registration desk.

Please return this form, duly completed, by e-mail or fax no later than September 5, 2014 to:
Ms. Song Yan Tel: +86 10 84885907 Fax: +86 10 84885001
(Please print clearly in block capitals):

Stand No.:
Name of Company:
Lintel Board Content:
(Maximum 25 letters)
Information for Exhibitor badges: 1. Name:
2. Name:
3. Name:
4. Name:
Information for Show Catalogue
Stand No.

Name of Company

Telephone No.:
Fax. No.:
E-mail Address:
Web Site Address:
A brief description of your company:
(within 100 words)

Business Center
Business center, located in the west of the Central Hall, offers photocopying, printing, faxing and business card printing service, surfing zone and posting on the 1st floor of the venue.

Large-size construction materials and mechanical goods need to be delivered through the designated unloading platforms to the exhibition hall. The drivers of large trucks need to show VEHICLE PERMISSION issued by Organizer when entering or leaving the venue. Application for VEHICLE PERMISSION should be sent two weeks before the show open.

Cafe shops are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the West Hall of Shanghai Everbright Exhibition & Convention Center, where you can get food & beverage. Coffee bar is available offering Western food and coffee in the Central Hall of the 2nd floor.

Furniture rental center
If you need extra furniture rental or green plants rental or audio and video equipment rental, please go to the rental center located in the South of the Central Hall on the first floor.

Type of Exhibits Allowed in the Venue
All exhibits should be pesticide-related, irrelevant exhibits will be expelled by the Organizing Committee. Any exhibit brought in or out of the venue must get approval from the Organizing Committee in advance.

Free Passages
Business must be conducted only within the Exhibitor’s own stand. Walkways must be kept clear and free for passage and must not be littered or obstructed in any way.
Damage & Compensation
All the equipments in the venue shall obtain the agreements from the Organizing Committee before being moved or changed. If agreed, please move back to the original place after using. The exhibitors are liable to pay compensation for any damages made.
Distribution of Promotional Materials
Do not place advertisements, publications or promotion materials at the entrance of venue, safe passage, or other places than the exhibition venue. Distributing materials to other exhibition stalls need to get written permission of the Organizing Committee.
Facility Maintenance
Nailing up, making holes, pasting or painting on doors, windows, pillars, floors or exhibition boards is sed. If necessary, this needs the written permission of the Organizing Committee and a certain amount of fee shall be charged. Constructions can only begin after the payment is done. All the changes need to be withdrawn before the closing hour of the show.

III. Floor Plan

IV. Stall Construction

Additional Time for Stall Construction & Withdrawal
The stall construction time for Space Only Exhibitors is 2 days, for Stand Scheme Exhibitors is 1 day, please arrange your time accordingly. The withdrawal date is 15:00-19:00, Friday 31, October 2014. If additional time needed for stall construction or withdrawal, please contact the Organizing Committee for the written approval for additional time 2 hours before the venue closed.
Pass Card
During the exhibition or withdrawal, a pass card is needed for taking any of exhibits out of the venue. Please show your card to the security guards at the entrance.
Shell Scheme Stand
Shell scheme price includes:
9 panels with size:2.50 M length X 1.00 M width (Aluminum frame included)
1 fascia with size: 3.00M length 30 cm width (Aluminum frame included)
2 100W Ordinary Spotlights
1 electrical outlet of 220V 3A
1 Table
2 Chairs
Tiles Carpet Flooring

Stall Construction Notice for Space Only Exhibitors:
The exhibitor need to go through the entry procedures at the central hall of the Exhibition Center during Oct. 27-28, 2014, including:
A) Application for Temporary Construction License (cost: RMB 55 /badge per person)
B) Paying construction management fees (cost: 5.4USD/㎡)
C) Paying stall construction deposit (cost: RMB 2,000)
Stall Construction Service Provider
Shanghai Space Idea Exhibition Co., Ltd is appointed as the official stall construction service provider, if you meet any of the following questions please contact them directly:

▲ Stall construction for Space Only Exhibitors
▲ Extra furniture rental
▲ Green plants rental
▲ Audio and video equipment rental
▲ Extra electricity service
▲ Water use for equipment and air compression service
▲ Telephone and internet service
Contact:Ms. Bian 86-21-58878853-836
Tel: 86-021-68600100-833
Fax: 86-021-58390601

V. Exhibit Transportation Manual
BALtrans International Special Freight Ltd. has been appointed by The Organizing Committee – China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) as the sole official forwarder for AgrochemEx2014. They will assist the dispatch of your exhibits timely. If exhibitors are using their forwarders, they may deliver their products to China and then hand over to the official forwarder for the transfer to the exhibition hall.

Please do not hesitate to contacts below, if you require clarification on any points.
Contact person: Ms. Xu Huiyun
Tel: 86-21-62281933;
Fax: 86-21-62293933

VI. Safety Tips
Safety Information
Exhibitors and related stuff must wear badges when entering the exhibition hall during the entire run of the show.
No smoking and fire operation are allowed in the exhibition hall. Do not carry flammable, explosive, decomposed and metamorphic, radioactive or toxic substances into the exhibition hall.

Fire Safety Information
1. Displays may not block, impede or obstruct a fire exit from view.
2. Displays may not restrict access to or obstruct from view any fire hose cabinet, fire hydrant or fire department connection.
3. When booth layouts are done, care must be taken to avoid dead corridors with appropriate fire aisles designated.
4. Decorative covers or booths shall be flame proofed or properly treated with a flame-retardant chemical.
5. It is prohibited for any exhibitor or individual to cook, ignite or operate with fire in the exhibition hall.
6. Smoking is prohibited inside the exhibition hall. Please smoke outdoors or in the glass house set on each floor of the exhibition hall. Please consciously abide by.
7. Boxes and cartons from which merchandise has been removed must be neatly piled in their own stands; otherwise these items will be disposed as abandoned waste.
8. If it is deemed by the Organizing Committee that a display or action of any exhibitor is unsafe or may affect public safety, the exhibitor shall accept the required changes or shall be cleared out of the exhibition.

VII. Intellectual Property Rights/Prohibited Goods

1 The Exhibitor shall not exhibit (nor attempt to exhibit) at the Exhibition any goods which infringe any third party’s Intellectual Property Rights (“Infringing Goods”) or any goods which are prohibited or restricted by local laws or regulations where the Exhibition takes place (“Prohibited Goods”).
2 Without prejudice to the Organizer’s other rights, in the event that a third party and/or a relevant authority alleges that the Exhibitor exhibits (or attempts to exhibit) any Infringing Goods and/or Prohibited Goods, the Organizer shall have the right to:
(a) Physically remove any such goods;
(b) Terminate this Agreement including the Exhibitor’s right to participate in the Exhibition; and/or
(c) Close down the Exhibitor’s stand; and in any such event, the Exhibitor shall have no financial or other claim against the Organizer. Subject to any claim by a third party, the Organizer shall return any removed goods to the Exhibitor.
3 The Exhibitor agrees to attend a pre-registration inspection prior to the commencement of the Exhibition, where requested by the Organizer and in accordance with the Organizer’s instructions from time to time.
4 The Exhibitor agrees to on demand indemnify and keep indemnified the Organizer against all claims, liabilities, losses, suits, proceedings, damages, judgments, expenses, costs (including legal fees) and charges of any kind howsoever incurred by or on behalf of or made against the Organizer arising out of the exhibition by the Exhibitor of any Infringing Goods or Prohibited Goods, and/or any acts by a third party as a consequence of such exhibition.

For questions regarding Intellectual property issue, please contact:
Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration (SIPA)
Address: No.915 Julu Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-21-54046641

VIII. Hotel booking
The Organizing Committee has signed agreements with hotels near the exhibition center, and Superb Business Conference & Exhibition Services Co., Ltd is appointed as the agency of exhibition accommodations. Please log in our website to use our ONLINE BOOKING system (which contains the rate & room type of our selected hotels) Or please contact Mr. Ding @+86 13701663833 /0086-21-34241838 or send an email to for hotel reservations if you have further questions on room booking.
Booking for AgroChemEx 2015
To welcome more exhibitors and improve service for our attendees, we decide to move to Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center since 2015. In AgroChemEx 2015, we still have an Overseas Pavilion including 60 good stalls for our foreign exhibitors.
For the exhibitors who have been already exhibited in ACE 2014, you can just fill out the form below and send it back by email or fax before September 31, 2014. If you cannot decide by then, you can wait till the show opens. From 13:00 of Oct. 29 to 12:00 of Oct. 31, you can go for a stall at the“AgrochemEx2015 Stall Reservation / Reception” located on the northwest of H1 exhibition center.

Oct 28-30 2015
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
Application Form
Contact Mobile
Tel Fax
Email Country

Price & Booth Plan
Raw Space @ USD 180 per sqm (min. 36 sqm)
Shell Scheme @ USD 200 per sqm (min. 9 sqm)
Stall No. :
Amount USD:
Bank Account Beneficiary: China Crop Protection Industry Association
A /C No. 0200022309014426780 (Please write STALL NO. & PRICE in Notes)
China Crop Protection Industry Association
Contact: Jack Zhao
Tel: 86-10-84885254
Fax: 86-10-84885001



Please pay the deposit in a week after signing the application form (Raw Space @ USD 500, Shell Scheme @ USD 150) and the rest amount please pay before MAY 01. The committee has rights to reassign the stalls not paid off in due time to other exhibitors and no deposits shall be refunded.
See Floor Plan on our website

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