Canada ready to export more food to China

16th Feb, 2017
OTTAWA – With exploratory talks on a Canada-China free trade agreement scheduled to begin next week in Beijing, Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay wants the farm-to-fork sector he oversees in government to be one of the main courses on the menu of a future bilateral trade pact.

“China wants our food and we want to sell it to them,” MacAulay said here in an interview with Xinhua on Wednesday. “The Canadian agricultural sector has the capabilities and know-how to help China meet its growing demand for safe food.”

“The Chinese need to know what we have, and are aware of the quality of our goods and our regulatory system. I want to make sure the Chinese people are demanding more and more products from Canada.”

According to Canadian government figures, canola exports to China amounted to C$2 billion in 2015, or more than one-third of C$5.6 billion in Canadian agri-food sold to China – a number that MacAulay said grew up to C$6.1 billion last year, representing 30 percent of all Canadian exports to China.

To further increase sales to China, the minister is promoting Canadian food beyond its world-famous canola. Canada already sells beef to China, with exports totaling C$255 million in 2015, and that number could significantly rise following a protocol both countries signed last year to expand market access for Canadian frozen bone-in-beef

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