China to continue reducing corn cultivation, encourage shift to soybean and potato

15th Feb, 2017
In 2017, China will implement its agriculture development action plan that stresses quality and efficiency. It focuses on upgrading plantation of miscellaneous grain crops, vegetable, fruit, tea, flower, edible mushroom and herbs.

A number of industries will be established keeping in view the regional characteristics so that they have a competitive edge in the market.

Besides, the Chinese government will speed up the development of potato industry. Steps will be taken so that research institutes and food processing enterprises work together to quickly screen varieties, help improve the processing techniques and conduct research into staple food.

Moreover, China is determined to expedite the process to replace chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers and to further reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Also, it will ensure efficient use of fertilizers.

China will also speed up the water-saving agriculture development initiative and redesign its northeast black soil protection mechanism to upgrade the sustainable development capacity of crop production in Northeast China.

Source: AgroPages

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