China’s Inner Mongolia Yuanzheng Fine Chemicals to launch trial production of 2-Chloro-5-(chloromethyl) pyridine in November

Chinese agrochemcial company Inner Mongolia Yuanzheng Fine Chemicals is currently speeding up the construction progress of its annual 1,200-ton o-aminobenzoic acid, 500-ton haloxyfop-R-methyl, 1,200-ton 5-[2-(Ethylthio) propyl]-3-hydroxy-2-propionyl-2-cyclohexen-1-one and 10,000-ton 2-Chloro-5-(chloromethyl) pyridine production facilities, which are being installed to meet the date of trial operation in November.

The whole project takes an investment of Yuan550 million, being located within Wuhai Wuda Industrial Park. So far the production permit for the phase 1 haloxyfop-R-methyl production line is ready; environmental impact assessment for phase 2 is also completed. All 3 workshops are at this moment under construction, having been competed up to 70%.

According to information, the whole project is scheduled for competition in 3 years. The 3,000-ton haloxyfop-R-methyl (phase 1) capacity is currently under construction, which will be extended to 10,000 tons in 3 years and will still grow to cover a number of downstream productions including 2-Chloro-5-(chloromethyl)pyridine, imidacloprid, Fluazifop P butyl, haloxyfop-R-methyl and glufosinate.

Among the company’s products to be produced in Wuhai, 2-Chloro-5-(chloromethyl) pyridine is an important pesticide intermediate for use in production of a variety of pesticide products. Sodium chloride is its by-product, which is used for chlor-alkali production after being treated up to chlor-alkali technical standard.

The raw materials are originated from the coal tar benzene derivatives, chlor-alkali’s by-products chlorine and ammonia, which are all generated from the industry chain of Wuda Industrial Park. These raw materials primarily either come from local industrial parks or from surrounding industrial zones. A promising future of the product is foreseen, which is later expected for supply partly to enterprises within the industrial parks and partly for export. (agropages)

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