Chinese and German agricultural ministers hold consultations

Minister Han Changfu and Julia Klöckner, German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, held consultations and the fifth ministerial dialogue in Berlin on July 8, 2018. Minister Han Changfu is a member of the Chinese delegation led by Premier Li Keqiang for the fifth round of China-Germany intergovernmental consultations.

Minister Han Changfu reviewed the bilateral agricultural cooperation since the fourth round of China-Germany intergovernmental consultations and fully recognized the progress in various areas. He proposed to leverage the implementation of the outcomes reached at the fifth round of Sino-German intergovernmental consultations to promote further cooperation in the following areas:
Firstly, exchange program for young agricultural professionals to foster new forces for future agricultural development in China and Germany;
Secondly, exchanges and cooperation in rural development to promote integrated development, application of information technology and vocational educationn in agriculture by drawning upon experience from each other;
Thirdly, Global Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS) to preserve and promote traditional agricultural civilization, and
Fourthly, tripartite cooperation under the framework of the UN South-South Cooperation, particularly in the dissemination of sustainable agricultural production practices in Africa.

Klöckner agreed with Minister Han Changfu and expressed her willingness to work with China to intefnsify cooperation in various sectors of agriculture.

Witnessed by the two leaders of the two countries, the two ministers signed a joint declaration of intent on implementing exchange program for young agricultural professionals. (SOURCE:MARA)

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