Chinese Company Granted Registration for Zinc Thiazole Formulations

On the 26th September, Jiangyin Suli Chemical was granted registration for thiophanate-methyl.zinc thiazole 40% after obtaining the xinnong’s  authorization,  for application in the prevention and control of cucumber powdery mildew and bacterial angular leaf spot.

Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical and Jiangsu Xinnong Chemical have obtained the registration of zinc thiazole 95% technical. The zinc thiazole formulations, granted exclusively to Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical, include zinc thiazole SC 20%, 30%, 40%, tebuconazole.zinc thiazole 40% SC, azoxystrobin.zinc thiazole 50% SC, chunleimeisu.zinc thiazole 40% SC and  pyraclostrobin.zinc thiazole 50% SC.

Zinc thiazole is a high-efficient, low-toxic thiazole organic zinc fungicide, developed independently by Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical, which was awarded a national invention patent authorization in China. The product has the features of high activity and broad fungicidal spectrum, and is safe for crops. The product is also preventive, systemic and therapeutic, being especially effective in the prevention and control of rice, citrus and vegetable bacterial diseases. At present, it is under promotion to applications with rice, cucumber and citrus, which has proven its satisfactory effect. (agronews)

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