Conference Agenda

1. 2011 International Conference on Crop Protection

Venue:Guang Da No.10, Shanghai Everbright International Hotel

Time Host Topic Presenter
09:00-09:40 Dr. Canping Pan — China Agricultural University Aspects of the discovery and development of Xemium®, a new broad spectrum carboxamide fungicide Dr. Phil Lane, vice president of fungicide R&D, BASF
09:40-10:20 Developing new agrochemicals in synergy with cut-off criteria and registration guidelines Dr. Gilles Nicollier, Global Regulatory Manager, Europe Syngenta Crop Protection AG
10:20-10:30 Question
10:30-11:10 Analysis of global popular pesticide varieties in recent years Professor Yibin Zhang, Shanghai Pesticide Research Institute
11:10-11:50 Application of green synthetic technology in preparation of pesticide and intermediate Dr. Xiaohua Du, Chemical engineering and materials institute, Zhejiang University of Technology
11:50-12:00 Question
12:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:40 Dr. Zhong Li — East China University of science and technology Sulfoxaflor—A novel insecticide targeting sap-feeding insect pests Dr. Xinpei Huang, Senior R&D manager of DOW
14:40-15:20 Application of DCS system in pesticide industry Shuwen Wu, Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical CO., Ltd.
15:20-16:00 Industrial development of pesticide varieties : from lab to plant LiwenGeng, Shenyang Chemical Industry Research Institute
16:00-16:20 Question
16:20-17:00 How to adapt the tight situation of pesticide residue limits for the production of pesticides Dr. Canping Pan, Professor of China Agricultural University
17:00-17:40 Future Technology for Environment Friendly Pesticide Formulations Alan Knowles, FORM-AK Ltd.
17:40-18:00 Question

2. 2011 China International Forum on Procurement and Service of Pesticides

Time:09:00-17:20, 2011-10-20
Venue:Guang Yun No.1, Shanghai Everbright International Hotel

Time Host Topic Presenter
09:00-09:40 Dong Zhang — General Manager of Shanghai Freeman chemicals The New EU Pesticides Regulation (1107/2009) — a legal practitioner’s view Claudio Mereu, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
09:40-10:20 Observation of registration overseas for domestic agrochemical enterprises Florence Troubac, Rotam
10:20-10:30 Question
10:30-11:10 How to expand international market for Chinese enterprises? Xianding Zhu, president of IPROCHEM COMPANY LIMITED
11:10-11:50 How to improve the competitive strength of Chinese company in the global market? Tom Gray, Head Global Sourcing, Syngenta Crop Protection AG
11:50-12:00 Question
12:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:40 Hanhan Wei — General manager assistant of Sinochem Shanghai Co., Ltd. Changing scenario in generic agrochemicals in North America Dr. N. BhushanMandava, Mandava Associates, LLC.
14:40-15:20 Status of Indian agrochemical industry Dr. B. Saha, Senior Vice President of NagarjunaAgrichem Limited
15:20-15:40 Question
15:40-16:20 Registration procedure for agrochemicals in CIS: Russia and Ukraine Dr. TatsianaPalchekh, Director of Polgar ACROconsultantion and registration office
16:20-17:00 How to break through for export enterprises in the current situation of foreign trade Taishan Huang, Shanghai Globao Marketing Co., Ltd.
17:00-17:20 Question

3. 2011 China Agrochemical Industry Summit

Time:2011-10-21  08:30-12:00
Venue:Guang Yun No.1, Shanghai Everbright International Hotel
Theme:12th Five-year plan paint new blueprint, responsibility care help grow

4. 2011 Popular Commodities Forum

Time:2011-10-21  14:00-17:00
Venue:Guang Yun No.1, Shanghai Everbright International Hotel
Popular varieties: Glyphosate, Paraquat, Mancozeb, Carbendazim, Pymetrozine, Imidacloprid, Acephate, Abamectin, Acetochlor, 2,4-D, Triazines, Chlorothalonil.

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