Current Pesticide Development in Juangsu Province

Dr. Wu xiaoyi, general pesticide station of Jiangsu province, elaborated on the impact of the adjustment of chemical industry in Jiangsu province on the export of pesticide manufacturers in the 6th International Trade & Development Forum on China Crop Protection held in Chongqing on June 27, 2019. Jiangsu province is a leading province in the production, sales and export of pesticides in China. Jiangsu province exports pesticide products to more than 160 countries and regions, with an annual export value of nearly $3.5 billion. Under the influence of safety and environmental protection, the national and Jiangsu province’s chemical industry policy further tightened, resulting in changes in the export trend. Recent accidents have led to insufficient construction, and the pesticide industry in Jiangsu was affected during the suspension and rectification of some enterprises, resulting in unstable export supply and rising prices. After the March 21 accident in 2019, nearly 70 pesticide production enterprises in the province stopped production for rectification. Up to now, nearly 1,700 pesticide products in Jiangsu province have been unable to be produced because some enterprises have stopped production, which equivalent to nearly a quarter of Jiangsu’s production capacity.

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