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“Agrochemex Colombia” is ready to facilitate your business development in Colombia and other neighbor countries in South America as well. It will be the perfect platform offering you chances to meet with friends face-to-face in agrochemical industry family, to find opportunities establishing cooperation with potential business partners, to ensure you are up-to-date with the key products, latest regulations and marketing information in agrochemical industry.


South America Agrochemicals Market Dynamics

South America holds significance in agrochemical trade in the world to become one of the important importers and consumers of agrochemicals. Pesticides market is currently lead by herbicides products (covering 60%) followed by fungicides and insecticides. In this region, agricultural sector growth with increasing demand for food productivity and land management make it essential for the farming community to use more agrochemicals. Mechanized farming is also making agrochemicals usage popular. In addition, the export-oriented farming sector is responsible for high market growth in the region.