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Agriculture is one of important Vietnam economic sectors. Currently, economic development depends much on agriculture and it is developed in both quantity and quality to meet the demand of global market. The liberalization of production in agriculture, especially rice production in Vietnam helps Vietnam be the world leading country of rice exporter (in 2013). The other important agricultural products are coffee, cotton, peanuts, high rubber, sugar, and tea.

In 2013, agricultural GDP makes up around 18.4% in economic structure of Vietnam. GDP’s growth rate of Vietnam Agriculture was 2.67% and equivalent of its in 2012(2.68%). Agriculture turnover export was 27.5 billion USD (21% of Vietnam’s turn over export 2013), surplus value was more than 8.8 billion USD.

As a leading agricultural exporter, Vietnam still needs more production resources from other countries to be able to maintain its leading position. Therefore, Vietnam government has a lot of support policies for the enterprise to engage in the export of agricultural products to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products in Vietnam.