China’s Fertilizer Export Decline 10% in Dec.

According to the statistics from the General Administration of Customs of PRC, China’s total export volume of fertilizers in Nov. reached 2.43million tons, down 10%  YoY.
China’s cumulative export of chemical fertilizers from Nov. was 24.43 million tons, a  an increase of 11.9% YOY ; the cumulative export value was US $ 6.66 billion, up 3.9% YOY.

The total import volume of fertilizer reached 0.54 million tons, down by 28.9%  compared with the previous year;  down 3.6%  MOM. China’s cumulative import of chemical fertilizers from Nov. was 10.40million tons, up 24.2% YOY; the total import value was  US $3.31 billion, an increase of 39.9%.

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