Fertilizers Export Status in Oct. 2019

Preliminary statistics from China Customs show that in October 2019, China exported 2.124,000 tons of mineral fertilizers and fertilizers (excluding ammonium chloride, nitrate of potash and animal and plant organic fertilizers, the same below), down 28.6% year on year; exports value totaled $535 million, down 46.1% year on year.

From January to October 2019, China has exported a total of 20.03 million tons of mineral fertilizers and fertilizers, up 15.0% year on year. The total export value was $6.051 billion, up 8.1% year on year.

In terms of fertilizer import, China imported 563,000 tons of various mineral and chemical fertilizers in October 2019, with an import value of $183 million. The main fertilizers imported from China are potassium chloride and NPK triple fertilizer.

From January to October 2019, China imported a total of 9.859 million tons of various minerals and chemical fertilizers, up 29.5% year on year. Imports value totaled $3.127 billion, up 46.5% year on year.

According to the Ministry of Commerce’s announcement No. 45 of 2019 on The total amount, distribution principle and related procedures of chemical fertilizer import tariff quota in 2020, China will continue to implement the administration of import tariff quota on the import of urea, DAP and NPK triple fertilizer in 2020, with an import tariff of 1% within the quota.Enterprises in need of import may apply to the quota administration agencies entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce for import quotas starting from December 15, 2019.


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