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20th Sep, 2016

The 2016 ( First) China International Fertilizer Exhibition(CIFE2016) will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on Octorber 16-18,2016. The exhibition is jointly organized by China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) and China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association (CNFIA), and both sides also jointly organize the 16th AgroChemEx (ACE) at the same place and same time. This is the first time that the two associations, CCPIA and CNFIA, jointly organize an exhibition, aiming to create an international, professional and one-stop platform for the procurement of agrochemicals. The contents of the exhibition cover fertilizers, pesticides, equipment, apparatuses and other related ancillary products. It is expected that the exhibition will attract more than 500 domestic and overseas exhibitors as well as more than 20,000 domestic and overseas visitors. Let’s see what highlights does the exhibition have?

Highlight one: A one-stop agrochemicals procurement platform
As we all know, in the tide of industry consolidation, dealers engaged in the agrochemicals business are facing a serious survival crisis now, and transformation and upgrading are their urgent needs. For the dealers, shaping themselves into one-stop agrochemicals service providers through cross-border operations will be a transformation direction for them. This means that the dealers will shift from pure fertilizer product or pesticide product vendors in the past to comprehensive agrochemicals vendors. Such integration is not only the integration of agrochemicals but also the integration and strengthening of business concepts. The exhibition, CIFE2016, is intended to create a one-stop platform for the procurement of agrochemicals, making the dealers transform in proper ways.

Highlight two: Focus on the upgrading road of the nitrogen fertilizer industry
Fertilizer manufacturers which will participate in the exhibition not only include traditional chemical fertilizer giants, such as Yihua, Luxi, Sanning and Yuntianhua, but also include many powerful private chemical fertilizer producers, such as Kingenta, Xinlianxin, Huanong, Penshibao and Xinjiang Huier. In the industry reshuffling, the nitrogen fertilizer industry is also experiencing a difficult transition pain. Where is the industrial upgrading road of the nitrogen fertilizer industry in the end? Let’s see how the traditional chemical fertilizer giants continue agrochemical innovation and what cross-border ideas and in-depth innovative moves the powerful private chemical fertilizer producers have. In addition, during the exhibition, the 2016 (Fourth) China International Fertilizer Market Forum will be held, too. The forum will discuss about many issues, such as the industry’s current market prices, import & export trade situations, export tax rebates, the new international nitrogen fertilizer market situation … What you want to know are all here!

Highlight three: Select China’s Top 10 WSF brands
As the only way for the development of agricultural modernization, the integration of water and fertilizer has received widespread attention from the society, and the popularity of water-soluble fertilizer (WSF) is also highly appreciated. As a typical representative of new fertilizers, WSF has become the R&D and promotion focus of many agrochemical companies. In recent years, through the efforts of all sectors of society, the development of WSF has made considerable progress, and many shining “star” brands have also emerged. During the exhibition, the 2016 (Fourth) China International Water Soluble Fertilizer Development Forum will also be held. On this forum, China’s top 10 WSF brands will be picked out. By then, forum participants will discuss about the new promotion and development models of WSF together.

Highlight four: “White Paper on the Survival Status quo of Chinese Agrochemicals Channels” will be debuted
“White Paper on the Survival Status quo of Chinese Agrochemicals Channels” (“White Paper” for short), carefully compiled by China New Fertilizer Net ( after one year of full investigation into various agrochemicals markets across China as well as careful data analysis and summary, will be nationally premiered at the 2016 (Fourth) China International Water Soluble Fertilizer Development Forum! The White Paper focuses on the survival status quo of agrochemicals dealers and provides agrichemicals producers with valuable first-hand information from the market; and it also provides the theoretical basis and guidance for the transformation and upgrade of dealers. The White Paper can give you the most down-to-earth real data!

Compared with other similar exhibitions, CIFE2016 more fits the current needs of the industry and has more in-depth thoughts and much richer contents. More wonders are waiting for you to discover personally. Let’s meet at the 2016 (First) China International Fertilizer Exhibition on October 16-18, 2016!

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