Formal Pilot Production of Hailir’s Prothioconazole TC

Hailir issued an announcement on September 28, 2020, saying that the pilot production plan of 2,000 tons of prothioconazole TC fungicide invested and constructed by its wholly-owned subsidiary Shandong Hailir meets the requirements after expert review, which has been approved and officially entered the pilot production.

Prothioconazole is a new kind of broad-spectrum triazolthion fungicide, which is mainly used to control many diseases on cereals and legume crops. Through a large number of field efficacy tests, the results showed that prothioconazole had not only good safety, good disease prevention and treatment effect, but also had obvious increase in production. Compared with triazole fungicides, prothioconazole had more broad-spectrum bactericidal activity. Because of its good bactericidal effect, the market prospect is broad.


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