Hailier Expects Its Net Profit to Increase 30%-60%

Hailir recently has released its 2018 annual performance forecast, showing that its net profit will increase by RMB 85 million- RMB 172Million, up 30%-60% Year-on-Year.

The predicted performance increase attributed to the development of main business in 2018, as Hailir’s technicals, formulations and export businesses have achieved good growth.

Pyraclostrobin of Hailir Pesticides&Chemmicals Group successfully obtained EU equivalent recognition. Hailir is the leading enterprise of pyraclostrobin, which has created the brand products represented by “Jirun” (50% pyraclostrobin WG).

Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group was founded in 1999,and it is a state-designated pesticide production enterprises,as well as an integrated agrochemical groups with the ability to research and development, produce and sell pesticides and functional fertilizers.


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