Hubei Wojia planning increase of chlorantraniliprole and carfentrazone technical capacity in China

China Jingzhou’s Ecology and Environment Bureau issued a public notice on the 300-ton high-efficient environment-friendly pesticide project and the 2,550-ton pesticide technical upgrade project, belonging to Hubei Wojia Biological Agriculture Co., Ltd, on November 26.

Hubei Wojia plans restructuring of its existing production lines. There will be the renovation of the 150-ton chlorantraniliprole technical line and the 150-ton carfentrazone technical line; the increase of azoxystrobin from 100 tons to 500 tons; tebuconazole from 600 tons to 1,500 tons; while production line of bentazone and propiconazole will be renovated.

The project is located in the green economic industrial park of Jingzhou Economic Development Zone. The Tianyancha business entity information platform shows that Hubei Wojia Biological Agriculture Co., Ltd is jointly held by Russian Avgust, Jiangsu Agricultural Hormone Engineering & Research Center Co., Ltd and Asia Agrochem CropScience Limited. (Agropages)

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