5th ACE-Myanmar(Last Cake in Asia Agrochemical Market)

Last Cake in Asia Agrochemical Market


Asia agrochemical market is an important export market for China agrochemical companies. According to the statistics of China ICAMA, Asia market accounted for 31% of the total amount of China pesticide export in year 2013, which makes Asia to be the biggest exporting market. According to the ranking statistics of 21 countries that export sales are over $100 million,  Asia countries accounted for nine, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Israel, Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan and Turkey respectively. The above data haven’t changed much more in recent years, which reflects the stability of the agrochemical demand in Asia, but also means there are no much more room for growth in Asia agrochemical market.

Emergence of new markets: Myanmar

Since Thein Sein was elected to be Myanmar President in February 2011, he has actively promoted the economic and political reform, attracting investment in agriculture and technologies. Based on the priority imports released by Myanmar Commerce of Ministry, the first priority imports are agricultural machinery, pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds. In addition, Myanmar government has taken more actions to revitalize its agriculture such as increasing agricultural loans, lowering interest rate, exempting from tariffs of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, farm tools, agricultural machinery and other agricultural products, which create opportunity for agriculture development and foreign investment.

Pesticide and fertilizer demand

Myanmar cultivated land reaches to 250 million mu. 70% Population are rural residents. Agricultural production accounts for 65% of GDP, which means it highly depends on agriculture. Myanmar land area is bigger than Vietnam and Thailand, of which cultivating area is equal to Vietnam, but pesticide usage only accounts for 8-10% of Vietnam (from Myanmar ministry of agriculture data). It means Myanmar agriculture land still has big potential for developing. Lacking crop protection products is also one of main reasons for low agricultural output. Take rice for example, its output per hectare in Myanmar is 70% of Thailand and its income per hectare in Myanmar is only 1/3 of Thailand and Vietnam.

Famous Thai think-tank kaitai research center released a report recently.

It said “with developing commercial rice production system in Myanmar, it will achieve 2 million tons rice export goal in year 2013 and 3 million tons in year 2015.Ten years later, it will be no less than 5 million tons of annual export, neck and neck with India, Vietnam and Thailand. Due to the Myanmar government formulating relevant policies to be the world leading rice exporter, coupled withmultiple favorable factors of Myanmar rice industry itself, It has been attracted world’s attention on investing in rice and relevant industries. Myanmar Is expected to be one of the five largest rice exporters in 10 years. The crop production in Myanmar has potential growth whatever in quantity or in quality. So, its development space cannot be neglected.

Myanmar Pesticide Market

Myanmar pesticide depends on exporting from Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar-China border for a long time. In 2013, China pesticide exported to Thailand for $370 million, Vietnam for $320 million and Myanmar for $21.36 million. There is existing huge contrast. In Myanmar Pesticide usage, insecticides accounts for 60%, fungicide for 16%, herbicides for 22% and others for 2%. Due to Myanmar later opening policy, it extremely lacks plant protectionknowledge, products and sales network. It is similar to Vietnam in its ten-year ago. Larger pesticide dealers in Myanmar are only about 15.Meanwhile, due to political reasons, multinational company products has not yet to enter Myanmar market. Its market competition is very low. The pesticide registration is managed by the ministry of agriculture in Myanmar. Comparing to China registration policy, it is relatively simple. According to agriculture ministry statistics, Myanmar agrochemical market is about $500 million.



Crop Protection Products usage comparison with neighbors
Country Myanmar Thailand Vietnam
Cultivated Land(Hectare) 11,984,000 19,750,000 10,072,000
Invest in crop protection products($) 70million 800million 700 million
$/Hectare 5.8 41 70

2th ACE-Myanmar Review

Organized by China Crop Protection Industry Association, 2th ACE-Myanmar was held in November 7 – 8, 2013 in Yangon, Myanmar.

The total exhibition area was more than 1300 square meters with 74 exhibitors from China, Burma, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany and Netherlands, attracting more than 1200 visitors from Burma, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile, France, United Arab Emirates, Germany, South Korea and other countries and regions.

The trade show got strong support from Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar, Myanmar Commerce Ministry, Myanmar Industry Association and China Consulate in Myanmar, etc. Agriculture Minister U Myint Hlaing and Commerce Minister U Win Myint together went to the venue and had a warm communication with leaders of China Crop Protection Industry Association and part of exhibitors. The simultaneous “Asia Agrochemical summit Forum” invited officials from China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand, etc in charging of pesticide registration departments. During the forum, they shared pesticide registration process in their own country. Meanwhile, officials of Myanmar ministry also introduced the distribution of farmland and crops, details of management departments, relevant laws and regulations, pesticide usage situation, banned pesticides as well as safety and environment issues.



5th ACE-Myanmar


Time: November 18-19, 2014 (Naypyidaw)

November 21, 2014 (Mandalay)

Venue:Naypyidaw &Mandalay, Myanmar

Presented by:

China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA)

China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC)

China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA)

Organized by:

CCPIA International Trade Committee

CNCIC Exhibition

Supported By:

Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar

The Institute For The Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture, China

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives,Thailand

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,Vietnam

Myanmar Industry Association

Myanmar International Business Promotion Council

Pesticide Manufacturers And Formulators Association of India

Media Support








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5th ACE-Myanmar Introduction

In order to continuously promote China plant protection products in Myanmar market and also accept invitation from Ministry of Agriculture And Irrigation, Myanmar, 5th ACE-Myanmar will be held in year 2014. This trade show will focus on pesticide registration and establishing sales network in Myanmar. On the basis of the previous 2th ACE-Myanmar successfully held, we will step forward to increase the influence of China Agrochemical companies in Myanmar market. We are much more pragmatic to invite officials and visitors to meet with our exhibitors, facilitating companies successfully to land in Myanmar market. In order to achieve this goal, 5th ACE-Myanmar will held in capital city -Naypyidaw and agriculture area-Mandalay respectively.

Registration PoliciesNaypyidaw ( Time: November 18-19, 2014)  

Naypyidaw is capital city of Myanmar, where president office and main government ministries are located here. Naypyidaw is in the middle area of Myanmar,300 km south of Yangon and 400 km north of Mandalay.

During the exhibition, we will hold special meeting to introduce pesticide registration, investment as well as land and tax policies in Myanmar. Officials from Ministry of Agriculture And Irrigation, Myanmar will give interpretation and answer questions to solve problems faced by Chinese enterprises registered products in Myanmar. At that time, China Crop Protection Industry Association will have chance to touch with officials from Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar, Commerce Ministry and departments in charge of investment and land. Organizer and Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar will jointly invite pesticide distributors and farmers surrounding areas of Yangon and Naypyidaw to the trade show venue. Meanwhile, exhibitors will also be organized to visit planting demonstration area, which will help exhibitors to understand crop distribution in Myanmar.


Sales Network EstablishingMandalay (Time November 21, 2014)

As the second largest city, Mandalay is the biggest cultivated area in Myanmar. Agriculture productivity accounts for 15% of Myanmar, which is the main gathering area for pesticide distributors. Mandalay exhibition mainly design for enterprises to select partners.

The purpose of inviting large-size planting farmers, on the one hand, is to understand market demand, on the other hand, is convenient for enterprises to introduce their products establishing their sales network.

This exhibition is committed to develop new market, finding trade and investment opportunities in maximum. In addition, the exhibition will also be based on Myanmar and face ASEAN countries, attracting more exhibitors and visitors from India, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries to promote regional economic and trade exchanges.


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