Latest Progress of Glyphosate Environmental Protection Scrutiny and General Investigation

It has been nearly one year since the glyphosate environmental protection scrutiny started last May. As the first environmental inspection in the pesticide industry, the progress of the program has attracted wide attention from the industry inside and outside.

On 3rd April, China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) issued a notice requiring that inspection and verification work on environmental compliance would be carried out among enterprises which produce or intend to produce glyphosate (PMIDA). Two weeks later since the release of the notice, we interviewed Zeng Tu, a director of CCPIA, on the progress of the glyphosate environmental protection general investigation as well as the relationship between the general investigation and the scrutiny. Mr. Zeng said that the issue of the notice had drawn wide attention. They had received a number of calls asking information about the notice. As of now, more than a score of enterprises have submitted the forms for the general investigation. The general investigation has been carried out to gain a better understanding of the actual situation of the industry and make preparations for the next round of glyphosate environmental protection scrutiny. For enterprises which produce or intend to produce glyphosate (PMIDA) but didn’t submit the general survey forms, the approval for their inspection and verification work on environmental protection will be affected to some degree.

Director Zeng said at the end of the interview that the long-awaited list of the first batch of enterprises which have passed the scrutiny would be released soon.

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