Lianhetech’s subsidiaries resume running of bifenthrin production lines after 2-year outage

Lianhetech issued a public notice dated December 21, on the resumption of operations of some production lines of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Lianhetech Jiangsu and Lianhetech Yancheng in China.

Both subsidiaries were temporarily shut down since March 21, 2019. A few days ago, the company received a notification from local government departments, which approved the resumption of operations of some production lines.

The production lines to be resumed are the Lianhetech Jiangsu’s annual 1500-ton bifenthrin technical line, the 2,000-ton sulfentrazone line, the 500-ton FL222 (in part), the 200-ton MTF, the 250-ton MAT26 and 150-ton DBEDA as well as Lianhetech Yancheng’s 300-ton A-NBE line, the 1,500-ton chlorobenzonitrile line, and the 1,000-ton 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile line.

The total operating income of the production lines approved for resumption in 2018, after deducting internal transactions, was Yuan322.986 million, accounting for about 7.85% of the total operating income of Lianhetech in 2018.

Except for the production lines mentioned, other production lines in Lianhetech Jiangsu and Yancheng are still under rectification or maintenance.(Agropages)

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