Limin to upgrade fosetyl-aluminium technical capacity annually to 12,000 tons

The Limin Group announced recently that its wholly-owned subsidiary Limin Chemical has obtained an endorsement of an upgrade to expand the fosetyl-aluminium technical production capacity to 12,000 tons annually.

To improve the operating efficiency and further enhance the company’s core competitiveness in the fungicide business sector and increase the existing product’s advantages, Limin Chemical has decided to launch an upgrade of its fosetyl-aluminium technical capacity up to 12,000 tons annually. The decision was based on market research and the company’s development strategy. The upgrade will involve the use of the land area of 13,250 square meters and gross floor area of 9,450 square meters, valued at Yuan23 million. Upon completion of the upgrade, a fosetyl-aluminium technical capacity of 12,000 ton annually will be formed.  (Agropages)

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