Pesticide and veterinary drug residue talked by Ministry of Agriculture

22nd March, 2017
The Fifth Session of the 12th National People’s Congress(NPC), China’s top legislature, is holding its press conference at Media Center Hotel Beijing On 7th March, 2017. Han Changfu, the Minister of Agriculture and Zhang Taolin, Vice-Minister of Agriculture attended. during this meeting, they answered the questions raised by Chinese and foreign journalists on structural reforms to boost agricultural supply side.

About pesticides, veterinary drug residue, mainly in farming, there is also a part of in circulation, such as fish illegally added problem, have a plenty of in the transportation link.This regard, we are taking several measures and make great efforts to do it.

1. Pay close attention to the management of highly toxic pesticides
2. To increase the inspection of vegetable production base of agriculture veterinary drug residue, shall practise a system of market access, increase the source management
3. Pay special attention to “Three fish two pesticides”
4. Pay close attention to the use of antimicrobial drugs
5. Continue to strike scrutiny “clenbuterol”,when we found one, it would receive due punishment

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