China’s Pesticide Registration Situation in Jan. 2019

A total of 34 products gained registration in Jan.2019 from Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) , including 17 fungicides, 9 insecticides, 4 herbicides, 2 PGRs and 2 hygienic insecticides.

Among 34 pesticides registered, there are 11 pesticide TCs (TKs), which did not include those of renewal registration. In terms of categories, there are 3 herbicides, 5 fungicides, 2 insecticides and 1 PGR.

Product Name Formulation Form Product Name Formulation Form
pyroxasulfone 98%TC diflufenican 96%TC
2,4-DB-methyl ester 95%TC
prothioconazole 97%TC Dodine 98%TC
fluensulfone 95%TC Bupirimate 95%TC
Benzovindiflupyr 96%TC
afidopyropen 92.5%TC Extract of Ginkgo biloba 31%TC
iron chlorine e6 2%TC


More detailed information, please see the China Agrochemicals monthly report.

Contact: Ellie Xu

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