Production of thiamethoxam in China

In recent years, restricted by industry policies such as environmental protection policy and safety inspection policy, production and access barriers have been raised, resulting in relatively concentrated thiamethoxam production capacity. At present, there are five to six enterprises above the designated size that are actually able to engage in perennial production. In 2019, the actual production capacity of thiamethoxam in China was about 10,000t, the yield was about 7,000t, the rate of operation throughout the year was about 70%, and the stock was about 1,200t.

According to the survey results of Zhongnong Zongheng, most new construction and expansion projects are located in northern regions such as Shandong, Hebei and Inner Mongolia, with 10,000-12,000t new capacity (Heibei Ruide, Hailir, etc.) expected to be added in 2020-2022. With the gradual release of the production capacity of new construction and expansion projects, the overall stable supply capacity of thiamethoxam of China will improve significantly.   (Yang Yijun)

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