Questionnaire of ACE &IFAE&AgroTech

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Please download Questionnaire of ACE &IFAE&AgroTech.

Questionnaire of ACE &IFAE&AgroTech

  1. What is the purpose of your visit?

□ Purchasing products

□ Seeking agencies

□ Getting to know the market trend

□ Searching for new partners

□ Others

  1. Which way would you prefer to get exhibition information?

□ Three days on site

□ Participate online at any time

□ Others

  1. What information do you want from the ACE website?

□ Products online search

□ Suppliers online search

□ Online exhibition map

□ New/hot products

□ Certified/new supplier information

□ Online news

□ Others

  1. What platform do you want to get information from?

□ ACE website


□ WeChat

□ Others

  1. How would you like to contact us?

□ Email

□ WeChat

□ Skype

□ QQ

□ Online chat on ACE website

  1. Other requests for online or on-site:


Thank you for your support! 

* When you complete this Questionnaire, you will get one China Agrochemcials  Monthly Report for free.

If you have other suggestions or requirements, please contact:

Jack Zhao:; Daisy Fan:; Tiffany Zhang:; Ellie Xu:







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