Recent Situation of China’s Glyphosate

China’s glyphosate production capacity and output are still surplus, and it cannot be changed in the short term, and there are factories that continue to expand production capacity and supply raw materials. Stocks (shrinkage) market, overcapacity, the future glyphosate industry will be the Red Sea.

After the ACE in Shanghai, it was observed that glyphosate market has the following characteristics at present:
1.Increased concentration of downstream dealers and farmers

2.  The upstream factories are actively looking for downstream terminals, hoping to at least maintain its market share.

Jiangshan, Xingfa, Wynca, etc. actively set up overseas companies or acquire overseas terminal companies, and provide greater capital and cargo support to their target customers.

3. The upstream factories vigorously improve their production technology, optimize costs and strengthen investment in environmental protection

4. downstream small and medium-sized enterprises turn to formulation processing and registration

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