Recovery: production of 1,559 pesticide manufacturers in China recovered by 83%

A press conference held by China’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on 22nd March presented the situation of the supply of spring ploughing-oriented agricultural materials. 

During the press conference, Huang Xiuzhu (Deputy Director of the Department of Product Quality and Safety Supervision of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) answered questions from the media.
Secured agricultural material supplies
At present, agricultural material production in China has recovered by 88% and the agricultural material store industry recovered by 90%, with the production of manufacturers and the running of stores in a quarter of Chinese provinces fully recovering. Therefore, the supply of agricultural materials has also reached its normal annual level.
Fertilizer production capacity is also recovering rapidly. So far, production in prime fertilizer plants is back to normal, with the supply of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium fertilizers already exceeding general demand.
Production in 1,559 pesticide manufacturers in China has recovered by 83% while 91% of the 250,000 pesticide stores have resumed business, which is already close to normal levels.
At present, 156 pesticide manufacturers, which involve supplies urgently needed for controlling wheat stripe rust, gibberellic disease and rapeseed sclerotinia stem rot, have resumed production by 94%, supplying 65,000 tons of required pesticides. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recommended 28 types of pesticides for controlling spodoptera frugiperda. Therefore, stocks of these pesticides can cover the requirements for controlling 40 million hectares of cropland against similar insect pests.
Hubei’s agricultural material supply recovering rapidly
Currently, 77% of 77 key agricultural manufacturers in Hubei have resumed production, which is 44% higher than the date of announcement on 11th March. The overall business of 15,000 agricultural material stores has recovered by 86%, which is 62% higher. In addition to Wuhan, the supply of agricultural materials in Hubei is also recovering.
Hubei is currently progressing in terms of the supply of agricultural materials in an orderly manner, in accordance with seasonal farming requirements. By 20th March, pesticides required for the prevention and control of wheat stripe rust and rape sclerotinia stem rot were already available. (from Agropages)


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