Red Sun’s subsidiary planning bipyridine and diquat project

In January 2021, China’s agrochemical company Anhui Red Sun Biochemistry Co., Ltd publicized the for-comment environmental impact assessment report pertaining to the annual 5,000-ton bipyridine and 10,000-ton diquat project.

Diquat is a low-toxic, high-efficient and environment-friendly non-selective herbicide of contact toxicity, which is quite a reputational and influential product on the market. Backed up by the advantages of the company, Anhui Red Sun Biochemistry Co., Ltd is planning an annual 5,000-ton bipyridine and 10,000-ton diquat project, as located in Dongzhi Economic Development Zone, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, with a total investment of Yuan157.255 million, which includes Yuan13.94 million on pollution control accounting for 8.86% of the total investment. This environmental impact assessment at this time only covers the annual 10,000-ton diquat while the annual 5,000-ton bipyridine will go through the environmental impact assessment separately.

Anhui Red Sun Biochemistry Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Costar Biochemical, which is a subsidiary of Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd. So far, Anhui Red Sun has planned several projects, where the environmental impact assessment for the annual 5,000-ton cyhalothrin (phase I), the annual 5,000-ton bifenthrin (phase I) and the annual 20,000-ton prochloraz (phase I) projects was already approved in 2019. To date, these projects are not implemented yet.(Agropages)

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