Review of China’s Chlorothalonil Performance in 2012

Chlorothalonil (2,4,5,6-tetrachloroisophthalonitrile) is a polychlorinated aromatic mainly used as a broad spectrum, nonsystemic fungicide, with other uses as a wood protectant, pesticideacaricide, and to controlmoldmildewbacteriaalgae. It mainly used for vegetables, fruits, potatoes, rice, corn and non-agriculture including painting, electrical, leather, paper and so on.

 market and main companies

Global demand for chlorothalonil remains 20,000 tonnes. The main market is distributed in the four high-end markets of US, Japan, France and Brazil. Combined these four markets accounted for over half of global market. Domestic demand is 2,000 tonnes. In 2011, export volume of chlorothalonil reached 13,500 tonnes, of which, technical accounted for 80%.

Main chlorothalonil producers: Jiangsu Xinhe Chemical Co., Ltd., JiangyinSuli Chemical Co., Ltd.,  Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.  Combined capacity of the three companies is 18,000 tonnes, accounting for 84% of total national level.Syngenta is one of  largest manufacturer with the capacity of 9,000 tonnes.


Price tendency

Chlorothalonilmarket was very competitive, the price was hovering between Yuan 28,000 -30,000/ ton(in term of active ingredient), it dipped compare with that in 2011.


l  Syngenta updating chlorothalonil label to meet new NSRL

l  Research found that chlorothalonil environmental substance limitation to be re-evaluated.

l  Continuous chlorothalonil plant ensures the stable production and quality.

Registered formulation


—From 2012 China chlorthalonil product report issued by CCPIA

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