Sinochem Group applying its created fungicide fenaminstrobin to seed treatment agent for the first time

Since the year of 2000, wheat seed treatment agent has developed rapidly in China. In early times, seed treatment agents which were registered and released to market were mostly based upon the active ingredient silthiopham, difenoconazole, fludioxonil and thiamethoxam. To further enhance the effect of control of soil-borne insect pest, pesticide manufacturers released binary and ternary insecticidal and fungicidal mixtures. However, these mixtures are mostly conventional insecticidal and fungicidal compounds, where there is a lack of seed treatment agent for plant health enhancement.

Fenaminstrobin, a patented strobilurin fungicidal compound of Sinochem Group, not only prevents diseases, but also regulates plant health, which is used to have finally developed the product Tengshou, as being mixed with the triazole fungicide difenoconazole and the neonicotinoid insecticide thiamethoxam. The product is a fenaminstrobin.difenoconazole. thiamethoxam 45% suspension concentrates for seed dressing, which has a systemic activity and plant health function. It enhances plant root and seedling growth, being effective on control of wheat aphid and sheath blight.

Tengshou is a created fungicide of Sinochem Group, which contributed to the first-time application of fenaminstrobin to seed treatment. It is also China’s highest thiamethoxam content ternary wheat seed treatment agent, with distinctive advantages over other wheat seed treatment agents on the market, like the compound patent and film-forming patent advantages as well as the ternary mixture patent advantages. Tengshou is effective on control of both diseases and insect pests, with a broad fungicidal and insecticidal spectrum. It is effective for prevention and control of rhizoctonia-caused sheath blight, basidiomycete naked smut-caused loose kernel smut, soil insect and aphids (seedling aphid and ear aphid). The patented formula of the product enables wheat to have a well-grown root, stronger seedling and greener leaf. It promotes tillering, increases yield, enhances plant health and increases crop’s stress resistance.

The seed treatment agent Tengshou, which is developed by Sinochem Group after 8-year effort, is a breakthrough in film-forming technique. The product can solve farmers’ practical problems, being well recognized for its features of “one product with multiple effects, labor-saving and time saving, half input with double output, concealed application and environment-friendly engineering.”(source: agropages)

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