Price of Some Pesticides Began to Rise in January 2021

In January 2021, affected by the COVID-19, the operating rate in the pandemic area is insufficient, which led to tight supply of raw materials and rising price of pesticide.

In terms of herbicides, the current price of glyphosate, butachlor, acetochlor, 2,4-D, pendimethalin, glufosinate etc. rose by YOY.

Compared with herbicides and fungicides, insecticides saw the strongest growth in price in January, and the prices of pyrethroids, nicotine and Emamectin Benzoate etc.increased sharply due to inventory digestion.

With the rising price of azoxystrobin and pyrazoxystrobin, the price of other fungicides like hymexazol, propiconazoleand azoxystrobin etc. saw a obvious rise.

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