Spread of virus slows down nationwide

Rate of severely ill patients drops across country, commission spokesman says

Increasing signs of a stable slowdown in the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia in China appeared over the weekend, as health authorities pledged to maintain their assertive measures in Hubei province to avert the virus flaring up again at its epicenter.

Outside Hubei, the number of new infections nationwide had dropped for 12 consecutive days as of Saturday. In Hubei, new cases had declined for three days in a row, and the number of suspected cases awaiting diagnosis is also shrinking, according to figures released by the National Health Commission.

Meanwhile, the rate of severely ill patients has dropped significantly across the country, as in Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei, the proportion of patients in serious condition decreased to 21.6 percent on Sunday from a high of 32.4 percent on Jan 28, commission spokesman Mi Feng said on Sunday.

Across Hubei, the proportion of severe cases decreased to 11.1 percent on Saturday from the peak of 18.4 percent on Jan 27, and the percentage of severe cases across the rest of the country declined to 7.2 percent on Saturday, he said. (from Chinadaily)


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