The 13th International Agriculture Exhibition and Asia Crop Protection Forum

04 – 05 June 2020  White Palace Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



– Agriculture Chemicals: Chemical Pesticides & Intermediates
(Pesticides, Bactericides, Herbicides, …); Biopesticides,
Ecological Pesticides, Agriculture Chemical
Production & Processing technologies

– Chemical Fertilizers: Nitrogen Fertilizers, Potash Fertilizers,
Phosphate Fertilizers, Compound Fertilizers, . . . New
Special Fertilizers (Seaweed Fertilizers, Biological Fertilizers,
Foliage Fertilizers, Slow Release Fertilizers, Trace Element
Fertilizers, Humid Acid Fertilizers, …

– Protection Crops & Biotechnology: Plant Growth Regulators,
Transgenic Products, Soil Additives, Nutritional
Agents, Turf

– Agriculture Mechanical Equipment: Grain Plantation
Harvest Machinery; Agriculture Mechanical Accessories:
Spray, Irrigation & Dewatering Mechanical Equipment;
Fertilization Related Mechanical Equipment: Agrochemical
Product Production Equipment: Agriculture and Sideline
Product Processing and Storage Equipment; Agriculture
Plastic Products; Crops Transportation Equipment:
Wrapping Machinery: Agriculture Engineering Technologies:
Environment Protection Equipment: Waste Water
and Waste Residue Treatment Technologies and Equipment

– Agrochemical/Machinery wholesalers & Retailers
– Chemical Products/Machinery Importers & Exporters
– Mass Agrochemical Product/Machiery Users
– Mass Agrochemical Technology Users Registrtion
– Agency and Consultant Agriculture Department
– Agro Producers
– New Agriculture Product & Technology Applied
– Terminal Users of New Agriculture Products & Technology
– Farmers, Agriculturists & Agronomists Entrepreneurs, Farm
Contractors Enneers & Technicians
– Investors and Bankers
– Universities and Research Institutions
– Government Representatives
– Related Correlative Enterprises & Organizations
– Conference/ Seminar
– Business matching

The 13th International Agriculture Exhibition and  Asia Crop Protection Forum

04 – 05 June 2020  White Palace Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Participation Fee
RAW SPACE: USD 355 per sqm
(minimum 18 sqm)
Ideal for exhibitors who wish to build their own concepts
SHELL SCHEME: USD 385 per sqm
(minimum 9sqm)
Rear and dividing wall partition of 2.5m height in white
laminated panel
Fascia board with company name and booth number
Needle punch carpet
1 x information counter
2 x folding chair
1 x waste paper basket
1 x 13 amp/ 230 volt single phase power point
2 x 40W fluorescent tube
Daily cleaning
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