The 3rd Global Agrochemical Market Webinar

The 3rd Global Agrochemical Market Webinar  topics include:

1. Pesticide Regulatory Trends in China (ENG)
2. Operation by Integration: New Business Mode in Agrochemical Industrial Chain (ENG)
3. The research and application of ZNC, a new biostimulant based on plant endophytes metabolites (ENG)
4. My perspectives on the micro reactor technologies (CN)
5. Reliable micro reactor expert with high throughput, specializing in pesticide synthesis (CN)
6. Dow High Performance Solution for Agrochemical formulation (CN)
7. The Regulatory Risks and Opportunities during Relocation process for China’s Agrochemical Companies (CN)
8. Industrial control system target of cyber attacks (CN)
9. Intelligent pesticide solution based on industrial OS (CN)
ACE& IFAE& AGROTECH will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in October 12- 14, 2020 with “Online + Offline” mode. ACE Online will be open to all global buyers and exhibitors. The Online Series of Global Agrochemical Market Webinar will be broadcast on “ACESHOW”. Register to find out more industrial report at

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