The ACE online trade show

What is ACE online trade show?

ACE is a premier exhibition with 20 years history, attracting 800+ companies’ exhibitors and totally 50,000 visits from more than 80 countries attended annually.


There are some of exhibitors list as follows, you can find all exhibitors through ACE online trade show.

Company Name Booth No.
Nanjing  Bioagriland Crop Care Co.,Ltd. 1A01
Sino  Agro-chemical Industry Ltd. 1A03
Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. 1A06
Zhejiang Corechem Co.,Ltd. 1A07
Beijing Kefa Weiye Pesticide Research Center 1A08
Weihai Hanfu Biochemical  Medicine Co.,Ltd. 1A09
Hebei Xingbai Agrocultural Technology Co.,Ltd. 1A10
Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1A11
Jiangxi Huihe Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1A12-1
Trustchem Agro Surfactant Co.,Ltd. 1A12-2
Shandong Weifang Shuagnxing Pesticede Co.,Ltd./Shandong A & Fine Agrochemicals Co.,Ltd 1A15-1
Agro Dragon Co.,Ltd. 1A15-2
Jiujiang Fairland Performance Materials Co.,Ltd./Zhangye Dagong Pesticide Chemistry Co.,Ltd. 1A16-1
Jiujiang Fairland Performance Materials Co.,Ltd. 1A16-01
Hunan Haili Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. 1A16-2
Ningxia Taiyicin Biotech Co.,Ltd. 1A17
Hailir Pesticides And Chemicals Group Co.,Ltd. 1A18
Shanghai E-Tong Chemical Co., Ltd. 1A19
Shanghai E-Tong Chemical Co., Ltd. 1A20
Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1A21-1
Sinochem International Crop Care Company Ltd. 1A21-2
Shenyang Sciencreat Chemicals Co.,Ltd. 1A21-3
Ningbo Generic Chemical Co.,Ltd 1A22
Shangdong Huayang Pesticide Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd. 1A23
Hangzhou Superagro Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1A27
Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1A28
Jiangsu Chunjiang Runtian Agrochemical Co.,Ltd. 1B08
Shanghai Jiuta Chemical Co.,Ltd./ Juye Jinchen Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1B09
Hefeng Agro Co.,Ltd. 1B12-2
Hefei Xingyu Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1B13
Hebei Zhongtian  Bangzheng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. 1B15
Yancheng Limin Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1B16-1
Ningxia Beilite Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. 1B16-2
Trustchem Co.,Ltd. 1B17
Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co.,Ltd. 1B18
Nanjing Red Sun Co.,Ltd. 1B19
Shandong Luba Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1B20
Shandong Binnong Technology Co.,Ltd. 1B21
Eastchem Co.,Ltd. 1B22
Jiangsu Yongkai Chem Co., Ltd 1B26
Jiangsu Nongbo Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd. 1B27
Shandong Vicome Greenland Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1C06
Zhenzhou Nongda Biochemical Co.,Ltd. 1C07
Suzhou fegbei Bio-tech Co., Ltd 1C08
Zhuhai OMEC Instrument Co.,Ltd. 1C09-1
Suzhou Guojianhuitou Mineral New materials Co.,Ltd. 1C09-2
Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co.,Ltd. 1C10
Shandong Qiaochang Modern International Co.,Ltd. 1C11
Synwill Nantong Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1C12
China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group,Ltd. 1C15
Tide Group 1C17
Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1C18-2
Fortune Group 1C20
Lianyungang Liben Crop Science Co.,Ltd. 1C22
Anhui Jiukai Agriculture Co.,Ltd. 1C23
Zhenjiang Pioneer cropsience Co.,Ltd. 1C26
Zibo Nab Agrochemicals Limited 1C29
Pengchen New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. 1D08
Jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute Co.,Ltd. 1D09
Zhejiang Avilive Chemical Co.,Ltd. 1D10
Jiangsu Ruidong Pesticide Co.,Ltd. 1D11
Sinochem Lantian Co.,Ltd./Zhejiang Hetian Chemical Co., Ltd. 1D15
Nutrichem Co.,Ltd. 1D16

Due to the current pandemic situation, buyers worldwide choose safe connecting methods like online exhibitions to fulfill sourcing needs and connect with worldwide manufacturers through digital platform.

CCPIA presents ACE online trade show, an International B2B online exhibition and meeting place where buyers and suppliers from around the world can connect and communicate easily 24 hours * 365 days

Why visit ACE online trade show?

At ACE online show, you can find the most complete range of agrochemical products and the most reliable suppliers. Through online B2B, you can easily find trustworthy trade partners as well.

We leverage multiple contact methods to meet your needs, from message & email to live chat, audio call & video conference in order to achieve on-site experience.

ACE online show provides suppliers and global buyers in agrochemical industry with a valuable platform for the exchange of information and business development opportunities with zero distance and no time difference.

How to join ACE online trade show free of charge ? 

To save your time, we already created account at ACE online trade show for you.
The username and password are both your email address. Pls log in
to revise your password and complete the company information for the better experience at

Or you can also use another email address to start a new registration at to visit ACE online trade show free of charge and explore your business right now.

Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended when you visit

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