Lier Chemical’s annual report in 2020

According to Lier Chemical’s annual report, Lier Chemical realized operating income of RMB 4.969 billion (USD763 million), a YoY growth of 19.33%, and net attributable profit belonged to parent company of RMB 615 million(USD 94.5 million), a YoY growth of 97.72%.
Lier Chemical’s doubling performance in 2020 was largely related to its capacity expansion.In 2020, the company’s Guang ‘an 10,000 tons of glyphosate and 1,000 tons of flumioxazin were successfully put into production, and its subsidiary Guang’an Lier achieved operating income of RMB1.044 billion (USD160 million) and a net profit of RMB152 million(USD233 million) in 2020.

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