The export market of ammonium sulfate in China is improving

Looking back at China’s fertilizer export market in recent years, it is surprising to see an increase in the export of some fertilizer seeds, among which ammonium sulfate is the most important one. In 2018, the export volume of ammonium sulfate reached 6.821 million tons. Relevant data show that in April 2019, China exported 681,300 tons of ammonium sulfate, up 23.86% year-on-year and 29.71% month-on-month.The total value is $ 77.02 million, and the average unit price is $ 113.06 per ton. “according to the current use efficiency and cost performance of ammonium sulfate as nitrogen fertilizer, due to the high price support of urea, , granular ammonium sulfate has a high recognition abroad and good demand, and the export volume will continue to increase. In general, it is more likely that the ammonium sulfate market will continue to warm up.” Zhang Yi analyzed.

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