The Global Crop Protection Overview and Outlook

The market in 2019 continued the recent trend of improvement in value terms since the downturns experienced in 2015 and 2016. 2019 represents the third consecutive year of growth, whilst the rate of increase has accelerated from the prior year. A key factor in the depressed market in recent years has been high crop stocks and weakening demand, leading to lower prices and lower farm profitability and input purchasing. This negative factor was exacerbated by high inventory levels in several key markets, notably Brazil. As the situation has normalised somewhat throughout 2018 and again into 2019, the value of the crop protection market has similarly experienced an upturn in value.
However, growth in 2019 was held back somewhat by unfavourable weather conditions in several key markets, most notably flooding in the US, dryness in west and north Europe and drought or very dry conditions in several Southeast Asian countries, notably Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

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Any improvement in weather conditions in 2020 can be expected to benefit the value of the market moving forward, whilst the positive conditions experienced in key markets such as Brazil and Argentina are expected to continue, partly driven by continued demand for exports, notably for soybean.
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