The Price of Glyphosate to Rise Steadily

Recently, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, suffered a serious flood. Glyphosate producers in Sichuan Province such as Leshan Fuhua and Hebang biology were forced to shut down their production lines for emergency rescue. The capacity of glyphosate from both companies accounted for 27% of the total capacity of glyphosate in China. Affected by flood, the supply of glyphosate has become increasingly tense, and the price has steadily increased by 1500 RMB/ton (about 214 USD/ton) to 23000 RMB /ton(3286USD/ton). According to data from Zhongnong Zongheng, the output of glyphosate from Aug. was 364.8 thousand tons, a decrease of 9.2% YOY. (source:ccin)

More information,please focus on China Agrochemicals  monthly report and ACE online show.

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