The Production of Glyphosate TC in March 2020

According to CCPIA, in March, 2020, 14 of 58 glyphosate TC manufacturing enterprises come into operation. 45,128.37tons of glyphosate TC are produced in this month, a MoM growth of 69.23% and YoY decrease of 13.84%. 39,282.03 tons of glyphosate TC are sold in this month, a MoM growth of 11.52% and YoY growth of 8.47%, among which domestic sales are 21,702.4 tons and the independent exporting volume of enterprises are 17,577.7 tons. Private usage of glyphosate TC are 12063.4 tons, a MoM growth of 146.79% and YoY growth of 18.31%. (Source: CCPIA)

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