The 6th International Weed Science Congress – 17-22 June, 2012 (Hangzhou, China)

Brief Introduction of the 6th IWSC

The International Weed Science Society (IWSS) was formed in 1975 by individuals from Europe, North America, South America, and the Asian-Pacific area, to deal with global weed science issues. The IWSS is a worldwide scientific organization, open to all who are interested in weeds and their control. The formation of IWSS was promoted actively by the six existing regional weed science societies. The purpose of IWSS is to supplement and complement their vital role and to provide a global forum for scientific discussion and collaboration. Additionally, IWSS provides benefits and functions of a weed science society not currently existing at a national or regional level. Here are some snapshots, to view the full PDF, please click the link below.



PDF link:  The 6th International Weed Science Congress:  IWSC

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