The price of imidacloprid rose sharply during Q1 in China

Affected by environmental factors and short of raw materials, the prices of imidacloprid technical and acetamiprid technical in China increased significantly in the first quarter of 2018. Leading manufacturer Hailir announced that the prices of imidacloprid and acetamiprid technical rose 29% and 34% respectively.
In 2016, the total sales of imidacloprid was $950 million, is second only to chlorantraniliprole and thiamethoxam. At present, the nominal capacity of imidacloprid is about 40,000 tons, but the actual production capacity is expected to be no more than 30,000 tons, of which about 20,000 tons are in China. Hailir has an capacity of 2,500 tons of imidacloprid, 1200 tons of acetamiprid, and 2,500 tons of key intermediate CCMP.

Hailir maintained a sustained and stable production capacity on strength of its clean technology and raw materials supply, has received great popularity in different markets worldwide. Benefited from above advantage, Hailir’s net profit increased by 48% in the first quarter.

Hailir was founded in 1999 with its headquarters in Qingdao. It is a state-designated pesticide production enterprise, as well as an integrated agrochemical group. On January 12, 2017, Hailir was listed on the A share market in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock code 603639).

The aim of the company is to promote Hailir as a world-class, high-tech agricultural enterprise, and become a leader in the Chinese agricultural industry. Hailir is willing to extend its partnerships to promote the vigorous development of world’s agricultural industry and make new and greater contributions to the agrochemical sector.(source: agropages)

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