Welcome to the 20th ACE & 3rd Agrotech

                                                                                          Chairman of CCPIA–Mr. Sun Shubao

Leaders, guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Good evening, everyone!

In the golden autumn of October, colleagues from the crop protection industry once again gathered by the beautiful Huangpu River to celebrate the grand opening of 20th ACE and 3rd Agrotech event.

Currently, the prevention and control situation of the global epidemic is still severe, as the first large-scale event in the agrochemical industry this year, it is not easy to organize and open it. On behalf of China Crop Protection Industry Association, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the leaders and guests who were invited to attend the opening ceremony of this event! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all exhibitors, leaders who care about and support the event, relevant cooperation partners and friends in the news media!

It is the 20th anniversary of ACE in 2020. Twenty years with rains and hardships, twenty years with fruits and success. ACE grows together with the development of industry enterprises and becomes the influential international annual event of the agrochemical industry. Over the past two decades, ACE has witnessed and promoted the sustainable development and progress of the world’s agrochemical industry. It has become a perfect stage to show the rapid growth of China’s agrochemical industry and has also played an important role in promoting the industry’s foreign exchanges and cooperation.

On the occasion of 20th anniversary of ACE, we once again presented a brilliant industry event to the global crop protection industry. With a total exhibition area of ​​42,000 square meters, nearly 600 exhibitor companies participated in the exhibition. The kinds of exhibits covered the entire pesticide industry chain, as well as fertilizers and agricultural machinery. Leading pesticide and agricultural materials companies, agrochemical buyers, and traders have gathered here to achieve effective business development and share a one-stop exchange and procurement platform.

This event is in the critical period with transformation and upgrading of the pesticide industry and pattern remodeling. The development of the industry is facing new opportunities and challenges; safety supervision and environmental protection policies have become stricter than ever, industrial strategies adjustments, structural optimization, and enterprise development pressures have further increased; the world economic environment is severe and complex. The superposition of the epidemic and the trade war has accelerated the reconstruction of the global value chain; the impact of finance on the petrochemical industry has further deepened.

In this context, based on the development needs of the industry, we focus on the theme of “innovation to stimulate the vitality of the industry, and link to lead the integration of the industry”, holding “the 15th International Conference on Crop Protection” , “the 15th International Forum on Procurement and Service of Pesticides”, “ the 12th China Agrochemical Industry Summit” and “the China New Agrochemical Product and Technology Launch Conference”. In the forum, we will hold awarding activities, such as the “the 13th China Agrochemical Innovation Award” and the “Top 30 Agrochemical Exporters in China in 2019”, and we will also publish the list of companies who have received HSE certification in China’s pesticide industry to promote positive energy for industry innovation and development.

In addition, in order to increase effective communication between exhibitors and overseas customers, and meet the needs of enterprises to explore new markets and find new customers, ACE has overcome numerous difficulties and made great effort to build the “ACE Online Trade Show” platform to achieve online and offline dual-line drive, and bring new impetus and new growth opportunities. “ACE Online Trade Show” has settled in more than 500 exhibitors, with more than 5,000 products, covering pesticide technicals, formulations, new fertilizers, additives, intermediates, pesticide application equipment, energy-saving equipment, packaging, machinery and equipment, etc. “ACE Online Trade Show” has also received extensive attention and recognition from overseas. More than 3,000 overseas visitors have already registered, and business inquiry & offer based on this platform is also increasing. “ACE Online Trade Show” will completely show the quality products of superior Chinese agrochemical companies to create a global event for agrochemical international trade that never ends.

We believe that everyone will work together to hold this ACE industry event in a special period, which will greatly promote the development of the industry and help companies seize business opportunities in the post-epidemic economy. I wish all the friends participating in the event will be able to make a worthwhile trip, and sincerely look forward to seek common development with you and composing a magnificent chapter of the industry.

Finally, I wish the event a complete success! I wish you all the best in your work and everything is satisfactory! Thank you all!


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