What is ACE?

ACE is the world – renowned international and professional agricultural exhibition. Many professional audiences get the news of ACE from different channels. However, ACE is still a blur in many people’s mind. Let’s talk more about ACE.

What is ACE?

ACE is short for AgroChemEx, which Chinese name is National Pesticide Exchange and Agrochemical Products Exhibition.

What is the relationship between CCPIA and ACE?


We often see the logo of CCPIA and AgroChemEx, but what do they mean and what is the relationship between them?

CCPIA is short for China Crop Protection Industry Association. ACE is short for AgroChemEx, which is international and professional agricultural exhibition sponsored by CCPIA. Meanwhile, we hereby declare that ACE is only sponsored by CCPIA.

Where does ACE come from?

ACE grew out of National Pesticide Exchange, which is founded in 2000. Based on the exchange, in 2005, Agrochemical Products Exhibition is first held in Nanjing. The exhibitors include TC and formulation manufacturers and supporting pesticide manufacturers, etc., and are mainly TC manufacturers with complete three certificates, aiming at displaying and promoting the high-quality products and enterprises of TC in China. Since 2009, ACE has been held in Shanghai.


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