Yifan Biotechnology Group granted registration of flumioxazin SC in China

Yifan Biotechnology Group was granted the registration of its herbicide flumioxazin 480g/l SC (in Chinese trade name SUQU® and English named AGILESHOT ), from ICAMA, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, on January 20, 2020. The registration certificate number is PD20200042, being approved for application to annual weed control in soybean field.

Flumioxazin is a contact-acted selective herbicide. After it is applied to soil surface, the agent is absorbed by soil particles, forming a treatment layer on the surface of soil particles. After the germination of weeds, the weed seedlings will die out after contacting the treatment layer.

This is the first time registration of flumioxazin SC in China, filling up the gap of the Chinese market, which is currently dominated by powder and water dispersible granule solid forms in China. The product has a bright future prospect, being featured with the following advantages:

– Formulated using the company’s own high-purity technical, which is of very few impurities, with stable efficacy.
– An SC agent, with fine particle and good dispersity, which is convenient to premixing for easy use.
– Low dose rate, using water as solvent, which is more user-friendly and environment-friendly.
– Broad herbicidal spectrum, especially against the worst broad-leaved weeds such as the redroot amaranth in Northeast China.
– High-efficient and long-lasting effect, being safe to after reap crops.

It is said that the product will be officially launched in March this year. As a safer and more convenient solution to weed control, it has the flexible use for crop rotation, which will provide a strong safeguard for increase of yield and income in favor of growers. Yifan Biotechnology Group is at the same time planning release of the product to the international market to facilitate overseas soybean growers to control glyphosate -resistant weeds.

About Yifan:
Founded in 1992, Yifan Bio-tech Group is a pesticide manufacturer specializing in research and production of pesticide technical and formulation products. It is a designated pesticide manufacturer approved by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a key pesticide manufacturer of Zhejiang Province and a national high-tech enterprise. The Group currently owns three pesticide production plants and 2 pesticide sales companies, being committed to production, innovation and comprehensive service so as to help global clients to increase crop protection businesses. The key markets of the Group includes China, Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia, covering products such has clethodim, flumioxazin, oxyfluorfen, metalaxyl, metalaxyl-M, difenoconazole, clodinafop-propargyl and Imazalil.  (from Agorpages)
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